Medical communication

We provide professional support in the preparation of:

  • manuscripts
  • conference reports
  • monographs
  • commentaries
  • presentations
  • posters
  • patient information
  • educational articles for patients
  • content for medical websites (including those that are product-specific)
  • lay summaries

We also perform:

  • medical database searches
  • medical writing for the internet
  • administration of health-related websites
    (production and management of the content, search engine optimisation, usability optimisation)

Advisory boards and other expert meetings

We offer organisation and full operational support, including the preparation of scientific reports, for:

  • advisory boards
  • expert meetings
  • panel discussions and professional evaluations
  • individual discussions with experts in a given field
  • discussion panels based on prepared literature reviews
  • investigator meetings
  • Delphi panels (anonymous questioning of experts in order to predict long-term trends
    in scientific research and development)
  • Oxford-style debates

The preparation of expert meetings includes the following stages:

  • problem definition and precise identification of the subject range as well as the specific questions and issues to be addressed
  • identification of experts, preparation of a proposed list of experts and collaboration with the client to decide on the final choice of experts
  • identification of information sources
  • selection of the most efficient means of information acquisition (e.g., advisory board, panel discussion, etc.)
  • logistics and content-related preparation for an advisory board or panel discussion
  • summary, analysis and synthesis of the acquired information
  • preparation of a report or minutes
  • preparation of a publication

medical marketing

Medical marketing focuses on the creation and delivery of medical content in the most efficient way, using all available
means of communication with the medical community, patients and caregivers. We provide support in multichannel
medical marketing.

In particular, PMW helps prepare:

  • strategic and operational activities and tactics based on solid medical expertise
  • marketing materials based on peer-reviewed publications
  • medical content for marketing, sales, market access, public affairs and other materials and/or activities
  • evidence-based medical content delivered to social media
  • assessment and approval of marketing materials in terms of compliance with pharmaceutical law and local codes of ethics

medical translation

PMW has world-class translators who can translate medical papers from any language into Polish. In addition, we can offer professional help in the translation of manuscripts from Polish into English and many other languages. Our medical translators are physicians with an excellent command of the English language and many years of experience in translating medical texts.
To ensure the highest standards, their expert translations are followed by medical and linguistic review by native
English-speaking medical writers.

The PMW translation services include:

  • the translation of academic papers and articles
    • from any language into Polish
    • from Polish into English, German, French, Spanish and Russian
  • language correction of scientific papers written in Polish and English: appropriateness of style and vocabulary,
    logical structure and coherence, factual errors, or inaccuracies
  • review of each text by a medical writer specializing in that particular scientific field
  • correction of each text by an experienced native speaker with first-hand knowledge of the style, tone, structure
    and syntax of medical English